The Team - Horses

Barnaby is also 16 years old. He’s 15h3 and is another born and bred at The Peep Out. His sire was a gypsy cob and the dam a QHxTB.

He’s got a lovely nature and a floppy lower lip. He is currently recovering from an injury. Annie Mae one of our handlers, worked with him every day doing carrot stretches, ground work and gentle riding to bring him gradually back in to work. She also took him swimming a few times which was great for him.

We are very to have found a great winter home for him with the lovely Debbie Smith of Pass Wide and Slow. 

Barns is hacking out with Debbie regularly now and loving all the attention.

Bella is a 7yr old 15h1 piebald cob, who’s been with us at the Peep Out since she was 3. Her great grandfather was an Irish hunting horse and they mixed in a bit of Thoroughbred for hybrid vigour.

She is a very comfy bareback ride and is one of our lead swimming horses putting in more swims than any other horse this season. Well done Bella.  

She is also a great forward going hack for experienced riders and has loved leading the fast beach rides with Chris at the helm.

Bella’s a driving horse too  and is a really useful working horse around the yard, moving logs and pulling the chain harrow.

But Bells is most renowned on the yard for her glamorous flowing mane, that could give Rapunzal a run for her money. 

Chasca is a 7yr old 14h2 grey gelding. His mother was an Irish cob and the sire an American Paint horse.

His name means ‘first born son’ in Sioux. Chas came to the Peep Out 2yrs ago and has just joined the core team of swimming horses. At the beginning of the season, we weren't sure swimming was for him as he didn't seem to like it. But then on what was to be his final swim, he surprised us all by turning into a complete Sea Horse. Check out his pictures in the swimming horse gallery, he was absolutely loving it. 

He has also been a great favourite on the beach moonlight and moorland rides. He has a very short stride which means you have to enjoy the trot when riding out on him with Gino and Chip. He has also been great with the younger riders this season.

Chas lives with the main herd and has more than won his stripes as a lovely forward going Peep Out pony.

Chip is a 15hh Dales pony. He is 16 years old and has lived at the Peep Out for over 10years. He is our veteran Swimmer and loves every minute of it, pulling a face as he swims that makes him look like he’s smiling. He’s the horse we regularly take down on training swims as the lead horse as he is always so relaxed and confident in the water.

He is also an amazing driving horse and has done many weddings, funerals and other events and even pulled a keg of rum through Falmouth.

Chip is so steady in the carriage, but a really forward going hack. He loves to lead a ride and when he gets his stomp on we all have to keep up.

Errol is a 15hh black Irish Sports Horse.

Errol is a 15hh black Irish Sports Horse. He was previously a competition show jumper but did too much and went sour. So he came to the Peep Out to find out what it is to be a horse again.

He’s had an amazing season. He's really relaxed and is clearly enjoying being part of a herd.  He has joined the team of 'Riding for Rider's' horses and has proved himself a great little gentleman on beach rides, moonlit rides and moorland hacks. He is once again happy to take on jumping and is a great little hunter.

He has responded so well to this more relaxed approach to life and has even been on several training swims. He loved it so all looks good for next season. We may however sell Errol as we are in need of another driving horse and our herd just keeps getting bigger. We are in no hurry and we are determined to find the right home for this great little chap. Contact Chris on 07720 617661 for more details

Gino was born and bred at The Peep Out. The sire was a thoroughbred from Shaab called George and the dam was a beautiful, strong gypsy cob called Reno, hence his name Gino.

He’s now 10 years old and has got the fastest walk and trot in the yard. He’s 16h1h, lean and fit and if you don’t feel like a Disney Princess when trotting thru the sea towards St. Michael’s Mount on Gino, it’s never going to happen.

He also drives and is handy round the yard with logging. But Big G’s forte is ‘Riding for Riders’ where he is the fast favourite and an absolute delight on a beach ride.

Ju-Ju is a 5 year old 14h2 piebald cob, bred by our friend Liz from Joseph, a show Gypsy cob and a rescue mare.

She’s a bold, strong mare and this is her first season at the Peep Out.

She has settled really quickly. She took to the swimming very well and actually joined in to the full swim team late in the season, coping with a few choppy swims and taking it all in her stride. She’s started chain harrowing and Chris is also looking to train her up to work as a driving horse to pair up with Chip. Her schooling will be brought up to speed through the winter and I am sure she will make an excellent new addition to the 'Back in the Saddle' team.

Ju Ju is currently baby sitting Boots and Bonita, young horses at the beginning of their training. She is rising to the challenge of being the older more responsible horse in this little herd.

Nowell belongs to Debbie Smith, but has been put on loan with the Peep Out gang for the season.

He’s an Appaloosa x Andalusian. At 6yrs old and 16hh, Nowell is a very stunning spotted roan gelding. He’s made a terrific start in our ‘Riding for Riders’ team, and is a regular on our moonlit beach rides. He is also working well in the Western rides and is cutting his teeth now as a lead training horse for youngsters.

His small herd is made up of two other geldings Creamy and Carn who are on permanent livery at The Peep Out Yard

Tayoha Paloosa is a 12yr old Appaloosa, bred at Penhalwyn stables in St Ives, known to all as Tayo.

She took a while to settle but now lives with the main herd and is training up to be an excellent ride for 'Back in the Saddle' rides. She is so comfortable in bareback and we are looking forward to seeing if she likes to swim this season. Where Gino goes, she tends to follow, so here's hoping she will join the swim team soon.