I booked a bespoke ride while I was on holiday as I wanted to ride on the beach and regain some confidence hacking. Well my ride ticked both boxes and I loved it! I was a bit anxious when I arrived but Chris and Shel were really friendly and after getting to know my lovely horse Jolly off we went to the beach. Chris and Anna were excellent company and great confidence givers especially when I had a minor blip as another horse galloped past on the beach. The really good thing about Chris is that he tailored the ride to me, pushing me a bit but not so much that I felt I could not cope. Since I have been home I have done a Trec competition which involved a 12km ride and I know it was my beach ride that got those nerves sorted! Thank you and I am already plotting to bring my horse down for a week so that we can learn to swim.

Riding for Riders -
3 June 2018

Had a fantastic 'bespoke beach ride' at Cornwall Swimming horses! I was a little worried as I am a nervous rider at times but as soon as I arrived I knew I had picked the rite place to experience a beach ride. Chris was very calming and very reassuring as he introduced me to the lovely is a brilliant idea getting to know your horse before heading out on your ride it made me feel so much more confident! Even when I thought I wasn't capable Chris was there at hand to reasure me and I had the most amazing canters on the beach...Chasca was a gem and a great confidence giver but these horses are definitely not riding school which is why this is such an amazing place! I will be back to do the swimming and another beach ride for sure!

Emma Allen
Riding for Riders -
26 May 2018

I had a truly awesome hack on Chasca today with Shelley on Gino. Some walking, some trotting and a few canters through some really fantastic scenery at the back of The Peep Out. Bright green new oak leaves, moss covered trees and an abundance of wild flowers everywhere. The whole ride was totally chilled and I felt like I had been meditating on horseback when we got back to the yard. I can't wait for my next session.

Back in the Saddle -
24 May 2018

What a wonderful experience, totally exhilarating. Chasca was a delight as were Chris and Mazz. I loved the fact that you first got to know your horse before taking to the roads and beach. Chris is like the Horse Whisperer so knowledgeable and calm. The pace was dictated by me so I never felt out of control, which was nice, having not ridden for 10 years! I had the time of my life and cannot thank you enough for such a memorable 2 hours. I will definitely be back! Thanks also to Shel for the easy booking process.

Sally Wilkes
Riding for Riders -
21 May 2018

Our whole sea swimming experience really was absolutely incredible and inspiring. Everything was perfect, right from the moment we booked, to the friendly welcome we received upon arrival. It really is an enchanting place. Chris and Shel have a truly wonderful setup and a real affinity with their horses. We both learnt such a great deal from them.
We loved every moment, from being introduced to our horses (James and Chasca) in the sand school, to riding bareback to and from the beach. We experienced such overwhelming happiness as we swam with the horses and spent time with them in the sea. We look forward to returning!

Katherine Slater
Sea Swimming -
14 May 2018

Had the most fantastic day with Shel, Chris and the team. I regularly ride my own horse, but this was a fantastic different experience. I brought my partner who doesn't ride, and he thoroughly enjoyed. It's a fantastic experience for those who are experienced riders, or total novices with low confidence. Shel, Chris and the team are all lovely people, who really make you feel welcome straight from the start. The horses were fantasticly behaved and they absolutely loved it too. I would highly recommend this and would defiantly come back when I'm back in the area.

Carley O'Callaghan
Sea Swimming -
10 May 2018