'Back in the Saddle' is a riding programme for those who used to ride, but for one reason or another, maybe work, children or health, get in the way, they have stopped riding. Or they are riding still, but have lost their confidence.  'Back in the Saddle ' is tailor made to suit your needs.

We always start off with a one to one session, so we can spend time getting to know you, find out what you want out of the sessions and get you suited with the right horses. We often find that once we can help you relax enough, the muscle memory comes flooding back and you’re soon riding comfortably again. We can provide a whole variety of experiences, from groundwork to bareback, western or english style, long reining, swimming with a horse, anything that helps you to feel more relaxed and confident around horses. During these sessions it helps to set goals along the way, so we can check the progress you are making.


 Case Study

One mother of 3 young children, wanted to get 'back in the saddle' after some years away from horses, whilst her children had been too small for her to find time. There were plenty of horses around for her to share and ride for free, but she found she had lost her nerve a bit and needed some support to feel ready to go and catch a horse in the field, groom and tack it up and ride out on her own. So she came to us to develop her skills and confidence to the stage where she can deal safely with a horse on the ground and enjoy riding out again. We always start off one to one, and during her time with us, she has ridden different horses both with saddle and bareback, in the school and on hacks. Each time, we build on what she already knew, watching the muscle memory kick in, then also introduced a few new skills to stretch her a little out of her comfort zone. Some sessions her confidence was high and she made massive improvements. Other times we took it more slowly, because confidence is fickle like that. 

After a few sessions, she matched up with another rider and they developed a friendship and were able to car share. They  provided excellent encouragement for each other and learned lots from watching each other ride too. She has now found a great horse share right near her home and is riding out on her own with confidence. 

One off sessions are £30 per hour.   'Back in the Saddle' package is  £160 for 6 sessions. This is amazing value for one to one bespoke horse riding sessions.

Our regular riders soon find they get all different sorts of horse experiences as the weeks go on, as Evey found out on her 3rd session which turned into a swimming session and others like Timmy, who find themselves learning to drive the carriages. This is a great stepping stone into the world of horse experiences on offer at the Peep Out Yard.