The Team

Chasca is 14h2 grey gelding. His mother was an Irish cob and the sire an American Paint horse.

His name means ‘first born son’ in Sioux. He rises to the challenges of experienced riders but is also a real confidence giver for those 'Back in the Saddle' riders. He has also been great with our younger and less able riders this season.

 Chasca is also a great favourite on the beach, moonlight and moorland rides. He has a very short stride which means you have to enjoy the trot when riding out on him with Gino and Chip. Check out his pictures in the swimming horse gallery, he's a bit of a star.

Chas lives with the main herd and has more than won his stripes as a lovely forward going Peep Out pony.

Chip is a 15hh Dales pony. He is our veteran Swimmer and loves every minute of it, pulling a face as he swims that makes him look like he’s smiling. He’s the horse we regularly take down on training swims as the lead horse as he is always so relaxed and confident in the water.

He is also an amazing driving horse and has done many weddings, funerals and other events and even pulled a keg of rum through Falmouth.

Chip is so steady in the carriage, but a really forward going hack. He loves to lead a ride and when he gets his stomp on we all have to keep up.

FiFi, Our sassy, sporty swimming and riding horse. This little mare is pretty quick across the beach and when she's swimming, nick named 'The Torpedo' because of the sheer speed as she cuts through the water she's bound to bring a smile to all of her riders.

The lovely Frieda. Frieda is our 'Cob with a Job' and she takes it very seriously! As you might have noticed none of our horses are 'plod along types' although Frieda is a bigger cob, she thinks she's a race horse when she's down on the beach for a gallop, however she always remains very sane and looks after her riders. 

Gino was born and bred at The Peep Out. The sire was a thoroughbred from Shaab called George and the dam was a beautiful, strong gypsy cob called Reno, hence his name Gino.

He’s got the fastest walk and trot in the yard. He’s 16.2hh, lean and fit and if you don’t feel like a Disney Princess when trotting thru the sea towards St. Michael’s Mount on Gino, it’s never going to happen.

He works a lot with Chris when training youngsters out on the road. His stoic, calm manner reassures even the flightiest ones.

He also drives and is handy round the yard with logging. But Big G’s forte is ‘Riding for Riders’ where he is the fast favourite and an absolute delight on  'Hellcat' beach rides.

James our absolute powerhouse! This little horse gives all our other big sporty types a run for their money. Standing at 14.3hh James is our fastest horse both on the land and in the water, he's also got such a kind and gentle soul. He's the perfect all rounder and is a bit of a 'Jack of all Trades'-swims, rides and Drives!


Ju-Ju is a 14h2 piebald cob, bred by our friend Liz from Joseph, a show Gypsy cob and a rescue mare.

She’s a very sweet, bold, strong mare and this is her second season at the Peep Out.

Ju-Ju is a great little swimmer and works very well with our happy hackers on experienced and confidence building hacks. She has also proved herself as a very speedy beach ride. JuJu is also trained as a driving horse to pair up with Chip or James. 

Ju-Ju is currently lead mare in the herd of five.

After being on loan with the Peep Out gang for the season, Nowell has earned his stripes and has finally become a permanent resident.

He’s an Appaloosa x Andalusian. At 6yrs old and 16hh, Nowell is a very stunning spotted roan gelding. He’s a terrific ride in our ‘Riding for Riders’ team, and is a regular on our moonlit beach rides. He is also working well in the Western rides and is cutting his teeth now as a lead training horse for youngsters.

He is head of his herd in the far field.

'Scooby' Our Canine team member! Whenever there's work to do with the horses you can count on Scooby trying to help! Although rounding up horses for a dog is a bit like us herding cats! On arrival to the yard Scooby will be there to meet n' greet you with a wag and a kiss.

The BIG Shad'. Shadow is an Irish Draft x Shire horse. We were lucky enough to first meet shadow as a 3yr old when he was sent to us to start his education. This easy going chap took it all in his stride and showed great potential, so when he made his way back to us a couple of years later we were happy to have him. Shadow completed his first proper season with us last summer, these big young horses need time to mature and finish growing without to much pressure, physically and mentally. 

Solly is one of our newer additions to the team. Chris bought Solly as a young colt from a close friend who had bred him locally, so we know his entire history. On first meetings he showed such a lovely temperament  it was clear that he was going to be a great addition to the team once he'd spent some time maturing in a herd. Solly proved himself to be a great swimmer last summer and is also learning how to become a driving horse. watch this space!