Includes individual training for the horse with and with out the owner. Full livery at the Peep Out.  £150 per week.

Chris Cooke has been training horses for over 20yrs and has an amazing track record. He starts by working with each horse as an individual and finding out exactly what they are about. He works instinctively with the horse and draws on his extensive experience and bank of skills to find the right approach for each animal. He doesn't follow one school of thought, but uses different approaches from all over the world, to find the right way to work with the horse in front of him.

He is also a firm believer in working with the owner/rider/driver too and is very canny at helping that bond to develop positively under his guidance. 

His early experiences in the Caribbean means he has an incredibly relaxed and natural approach and is as happy working with a 12hh pony full of mischief, as he is with a 16hh thoroughbred full of anxieties or a big bolshy cob. He is a great believer in horses learning from other horses and learning to stand and watch in the yard is part of the process and crucial to the development of proper manners. He also leads young horses out, from on top of big brave Gino who very quickly teaches them there is nothing to fear in fast approaching tractors or buses from the rear.

Chris invests himself in every horse that comes his way. He finds what there is to respect in each one and works to their strengths as well as challenging their worries. There is great heart in Chris' teaching and I am always moved by watching a training session. Just some of my highlights of Chris' training this year have included watching;

Debbie putting her beautiful but headstrong mare in the cart for the first time

Albus Dumbledore, a 13hh dartmoor hills pony, giving Chris a run for his money

Kim never giving up on Carn and building a relationship I didn't believe possible with that horse when i first met him, and growing all the time.

Flicker the quiet little quarter horse and her owner learning the western style together, calmly teaching each other new ways to work

Logan another gentle soul in the form of a small thoroughbred, listening all the way

Charlie Brown so young, big and full of himself and Michelle stepping up to the bar

Sky, the gentle giant of a Friesian just eating up the training and wanting more.

Tommy and Caro and Chris trotting off down the road in the cart for the first time

Well i've probably gone overboard now but it really is amazing to watch all these different journeys. No two the same, and each one given the individual attention they require. 

Follow up support sessions at home £30 per hr.

 If you have a horse that needs training call Chris on 07720 617661