Cornwall Swimming Horses specialise in providing bespoke riding experiences for experienced riders. Experienced riders can come here and have a ride, either one to one, or in a small group (4 clients maximum) and enjoy the freedom that usually only comes with riding your own horse. We define 'experienced rider' as someone who is comfortable and confident when riding horses that are independent thinkers, rather than 'nose to tail' horses. We do not need you to have schooling or jumping experience nor do you need any qualifications, simply a relaxed approach to riding and an ability to communicate easily, clearly and safely with your mount in open spaces. This can include good steady happy hackers, you don't have to be speed freaks, but if you are, we can cater for that too. Please note all our horses are very froward going and need to be ridden. They don't just take passengers. PLEASE NOTE we have a MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT OF 16YRS for all of our 'ON LAND' riding activities.

All riders are initially assessed in the sand school before leaving the yard to ensure we’ve got you on the right mount. But from the word ‘go’ we have a very informal approach. We chat with you beforehand to find out what type of riding you are hoping for to ensure you get that bespoke experience. 


BEACH RIDES For Experienced Riders

We are lucky enough to have the most amazing location. All of our beach rides happen at low tide on the spectacular beach that runs from Marazion to Penzance with the stunning St Michael's Mount as your backdrop. We meet at the Peep Out Yard, then ride to Long Rock, where we access the beautiful Mounts Bay and its extensive stretch of beach.  PLEASE NOTE we have a MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT OF 16YRS for all of our 'ON LAND' riding activities.

We offer 2 options for the experienced rider.

Option 1  'The Hellcat'

 This option is for highly experienced and confident and capable riders with a need for speed, who really want the chance to open up on the beach. We ride from Long Rock to Penzance and back again to Marazion. You get the chance to enjoy extended canters and flat out gallops on this enormous beautiful beach. Not for the faint hearted! (max 3 riders on this ride) £100 for 2hrs

Option 2    'The Happy Hacker'

This option is for those who are comfortable and confident riding in open spaces, but wish to ride in a relaxed way, enjoying walk, trot and some steady canters. (max 4 riders on this ride) £100 for 2hrs


Whilst all our rides are max of 4 and we offer individual attention on each of these, we do also offer completely bespoke sessions. If you would like a beach ride all to yourself there is an additional charge of £30


Dawn Beach Riders (max 4 riders)  

Dawn rides happen in the spring when low tides coincide with clear sunrises. We ride from Long Rock to Marazion beach towards the sunrise as it appears over St. Michael's Mount.. These rides are unique and offer a very special horse/beach experience, where you really do get to appreciate the cornish coast in all it's glory when everyone else is still in bed.  (Approx 2hrs . Cost £130pp)

Hellcat Review.

"My friends and I came for a beach ride while on holiday in Cornwall.  As lifelong riders and competitors we were worried that we'd end up booking at a yard that catered primarily to beginners, but The Peep Out was recommended by a member of an eventing group, so we decided to give them a call. We knew we'd made the right decision when Shelley and Chris seemed as excited as us to give us the chance to really go for a good pipe-opener on their gorgeous horses Gino, Nowell, and Itsi. We went for a stunning two-hour ride along the beach with incredible views of St Michael's Mount and the most brilliant gallops. I could go on all day but suffice it to say that if you're looking for a bit of fun on horseback but you're not keen on shelling out for a nose-to-tail pony trekking day then this is so worth checking out. Chris and Shelley have a lovely ethos towards working with their horses - we'll be back for horse swimming! Thanks so much for helping us finally achieve a long-term goal!"


We have wonderful moorland with panoramic sea views of both north and south coastlines along the way. Again you can choose a faster pace or the happy hacker. You might want to focus on wildlife and views or be interested more in developing your riding skills, or a social with a small group of friends. We can stop at pubs or cafes along the way, or take our own picnics. One of our favourites is a ride up across the moor to Zennor on the dramatic North Coast, where we stop for lunch at the Tinner’s Arms, a quaint 13th century pub with stone floors and log fire. Views there and back are stunning showing both coasts in all their glory and with a whole plethora of wildlife all about us. Book the ride and meet up with the rest of your ‘not so horsey’ family at the pub. Our rides usually end up as a combination of several of the above, but our emphasis is always on enjoying being in the company of horses. (Max 4 riders. £85 for 2hrs., £120 for 3hrs, £185 for whole day.)


This is a 2hr hack around our fields and country lanes and can be 'Slow and Steady', 'Happy Hacker', 'Hellcat' ( £85 for 2hr, max 4 riders).        Bespoke one to one £100

We also have a whole range of unusual tack from western and austarlian stock saddles to bosal bridles, for you to try, and of course there is always bareback.

Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for on 07720617661

Please note; All rides are weather dependant. We ask that you always text the day before your ride to confirm and to check weather conditions for the following day.