Thank you Chris, Maz and Jen, and 4 leggeds James, Noel and Chip. It is beyond words the elation I felt swimming and playing in the ocean with such beautiful and powerful biengs! You guys gave me a great gift and an insight that I shall never forget. Big hugs xx

Sea Swimming -
30 June 2019

Fantastic! My daughter and I gave each other a birthday treat of a beach ride in a western saddle. We were both full of nervous excitement as it was my daughters first time riding on the beach and both of us not having been in the saddle for a while. We were greeted on arrival by the sight of a row of lovely horses and the 3 smiling faces of Chris, Maz and Hanna which immediately put us at ease. We were formally introduced to our mounts and spent some time getting to know them in the corral then it was off to the beach. The horses were very well behaved and had great characters. A fantastic ride on the beach with a stop for tea (thanks Chris) and a high spirited ride back to the yard. Thanks guys we'll be coming back for more.

Riding for Riders -
15 June 2019

Thanks Chris for making a dream come true with a full out gallop on the beach! What I loved so much was that Chris catered the ride to my desires, level, and needs.

I had beach rides and gallops in Australia, and it was very structured, and controlled. Thank You so much Chris for giving me freedom. I kept waiting for you to tell me to let Jolly rip, but realized during I could of just let him go. Was amazing, inspiring, and I felt so free!

I had my GOPRO, posted to my youtube channel last night. Had it edited almost year ago, but was slow to post. So here it is. Enjoy. I hope I can come back again.

Sue from CA

Sea Swimming -
13 May 2019

I had a great 2 hour countryside hack on Noelle with Chris. The scenery was stunning with the backdrop of St Michaels Mount and the ride was really fun with some great gallops - I'd love to do it again!!

Riding for Riders -
23 April 2019

My 12yo daughter and I experienced our first beach ride today and it was truly wonderful! Everyone involved, including the Horses, could not of looked after us any better. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ground work was a must before even getting on the horse, and it is clear that the horses are extremely well looked after and have impeccable manners. Although riding for more than 3yrs, my daughter had never really ridden in open spaces before and had never galloped. Chris picked up on her nerves straight away and taylored the whole experience to her. He and Chaz are such confidence givers and I cannot recommend these guys highly enough; thank you ?

Marie Wilkin
Riding for Riders -
31 August 2018

I had looked forward to this day for almost a year . I was so excited and Chris and the team really made it a memorable occasion .
I definitely want to come back and swim with juju ... she is amazing and swam so beautifully in the sea with me holding on to her mane . I felt it was a very spiritual experience and I felt such happiness from this experience , I just can’t wait to repeat it . Thank you everyone at the stables for all your support and encouragement .

Sea Swimming -
20 August 2018