Had an amazing experience with Chris, Shelley and Lisa last night and not forgetting Chip, Bella and Ju Ju. Lovely relaxed bareback ride down to the beach through Agapanthus fields and awesome time in the ocean with the horses. Truly magical experience and I would thoroughly recommend. Perfect mix of the two things I like the most - horses and the ocean.

Sea Swimming -
23 June 2017

I have ridden since I was 3 and was lucky enough to grow up with my own ponies and horses. When I became a grown up and could no longer afford the time and money that horses require I had no option but to get my horse fix by paying for lesson and hacks at equestrain establishments. Over the years I have ridden at some great places.. and some no so great.... and I can honestly say that this hack was by far the most amazing experience since selling my last horse.
The yard was honest, Chris was insightful, and Noel (my beautiful horse for 2 hours) was lively, responsive and a complete gentleman!
I could go on... and on.... if you are looking for a good fun ride reminiscent of riding yor own horse look no further!
Thankyou Chris and Shel for helping me to remember why horses are so good for the soul.

pamela parkinson
Riding for Riders -
12 June 2017

My daughter and niece had the experience of a lifetime swimming with horses with Shelly and Chris. They haven't stopped talking about it and are desperate to do it again! Shelly and Chris are so friendly and warm and the girls (13 and 14) felt completely comfortable even though they hadn't ridden bareback before. I'd give 6 stars if I could :)

Becky Marsh
Sea Swimming -
5 June 2017

I booked swimming with horses for my husband's 63rd birthday. He hadn't ridden for about 12 years and has never swum with horses before. Shelly, Chris and the team were amazing. They explained things every step of the way and he had the most amazing time. Their encouragement was superb. He is now looking forward to the next time! Thanks to everyone x

Amanda Payne
Sea Swimming -
20 May 2017

Swimming with horses was amazing. I saw the website just before going on holiday to Cornwall last week. I thought how wonderful it looked and regretted that I wouldn’t be brave enough to try it, mainly because although I can swim I’m not confident in deep water, particularly in the sea, plus I’m quite a cautious person! My husband encouraged me to book and I’m so glad I did. Chris and Shelley and the staff are really friendly and welcoming. When you book they listen to what sort of swim you would feel comfortable with and tailor accordingly. The horses are beautiful and very well behaved. Before you ride you are given a chance to get to know your horse and to ride in the sand school before setting off for the beach. Each horse and rider has a Cornwall Swimming Horses handler with them alongside during the bareback ride to the beach and in the sea. Chris was fabulous and completely inspired confidence, as did Shelley; I therefore felt safe going out into the deeper water to swim on horseback and was able to enjoy the experience at my pace. It was so brilliant, really magical. I can’t believe I’ve done it! Thank you CSH.

Joanna Gosling
Sea Swimming -
14 May 2017

Went on the 2hr beach ride the afternoon of my swim and loved being able to ride Chas as I felt I got to know him on the swim and ride there and back. He was very well behaved and calm as all the horses were and they didn't get on to the beach and start wanting to go, which made it a pleasant relaxed ride. But he picked up the pace when needed and led the gallop at one point! The freedom to let the horses go is amazing. Thank you Cornwall swimming horses for a day to remember!

Elysia Clayton
Riding for Riders -
4 May 2017