After sustaining an injury from a nasty fall several months ago, I went for my first long ride, on the lovely Gino. Gino looked after me like a pro and I felt full of confidence after only a few minutes in his saddle! Despite the gales, Gino was extremely sure footed and well behaved. Chris is a real confidence booster and a pleasure to ride out with.

Helen Corbett
Back in the Saddle -
3 February 2017

Chris and the team at the Peep Out have been fantastic with my young horse. I felt really happy leaving her in their care, and whenever I went to visit, she always seemed very calm and relaxed; reflecting the atmosphere of the yard. Chris has done wonders for my horses confidence as well as mine. Riding out with him is educational, reassuring and fun!

Lauren Corbett
Breaking / Training -
3 February 2017

My Swimming with Horses experience was exhilarating and magical.

Witnessing the unique and deep relationship between each horse and Shel and Chris was mind blowing.

I believe that it is due to the depth of trust these brave, beautiful horses have in their loving, hugely talented handlers, that Pip and I were able to enjoy such an incredible experience.

The sea was choppy, the riding and swimming in the sea even more magnificent and fun because of the conditions.

I felt totally safe and yet full of adrenalin all at the same time!

To have the privilege of riding and swimming with these very special horses was one of the best experiences I've had.

We laughed a lot too!

Not only did I love every moment, I feel my general riding confidence has grown.

Thank you Chris, Shel and Maz and of course Thank you brave horses.

Cav Hines
Sea Swimming -
23 October 2016

Words cannot convey what a magical experience this is!
Chris, Shel and the gang are terrific hosts who make you feel like a part of the family and their horses are very special. No trip to Cornwall would be complete without some kind of horsing around and these guys are the go-to place in my humble opinion! Now that I've experienced swimming with their horses I will definitely be back for some beach riding at some point!

Claire Baker
Sea Swimming -
23 September 2016

What a fantastic experience swimming with the horses. It was something that I would never had dreamt of doing. I have also done the moonlit ride which was absolutely brilliant cantering across the beach by moonlight is something that you have to do to appreciate it. Chris and Shelley are brilliant they make you feel welcome and at ease. I can't wait for my next ride.

Sea Swimming -
18 September 2016

A fantastic experience for any horse lover. The horses are amazing and love to swim. The staff are extremely welcoming and make each ride to suit the rider when check suited me as a competent rider that suffers with nerves due to nasty falls. They were very patient and wasn't long before the nerves completely disappeared. Didn't want to leave will def be back for another visit

Jenny norris
Sea Swimming -
8 August 2016